Sustainable and profitable real estate investment, from 1€

Contribute to the ecological transition
of the real estate sector

Save your savings, <br/> Save your planet
3 700 kg

Of yearly average carbon reduction by project

5 to 9%

Of profitability per project

So, how much could you earn ?

La colocation Curiol
Strong impact
Strong valuation
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Global yield7.32%
Rental yield7.32%
Total gains0.07€
0.02 kg of Co2

Our first contributors say it better


Finally a solution as
impacting as it is profitable


I was looking for a new
green investment solution, I found it !


Already a solo investor, I
was seduced by the all inclusive solution

Let's compare ?

For an investment of 300€ over 10 years, with a return of 6% and an annual gain of 1.25%

Thanks to compoudn interest, an investment made with Parcels over 10 year(s) is 34.85% more profitable than an SCPI (buying on your own) investment.

Parcels is a sustainable investment

Sauvez votre épargne et la Planète !

Le secteur du bâtiment représente 16,5% des émissions de CO2 ! De ce fait, des règles énergétiques ont été mises en place, et dès 2025, les logements les plus consommateurs en énergies seront interdits à la location !

C'est pourquoi la rénovation est au coeur de nos offres d’investissement ! Afin de proposer des logements durables et décents.

More than an investment

By investing in ancient, you participate with the <pta>renovation of the French real estate sector</pta> but also <pta>the well being of renters</pta> by proposing <pta>high quality</pta>, <pta>energetically frugal</pta> properties

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